Associate Dean for Research

Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP

Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP

UCSF Fresno Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Research

Y. Frank and Roxie Moradian Chair in Medicine

UCSF Professor of Medicine

Assistant Dean For Research

Eyad Almasri, MD

Eyad Almasri, MD

Assistant Dean for Research, UCSF Fresno

UCSF Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Fresno Department of Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Critical Care

Sleep Medicine

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Message from the Assistant Dean

Research is integral to UCSF Fresno’s mission to improve health and wellbeing in Central California. This includes investigating health conditions specific to the region as well as clinical trials that bring new treatments to the area before they are available more broadly.

Faculty at UCSF Fresno through the UCSF Fresno Clinical Research Center continue to be at the forefront of active clinical research. Active research at UCSF Fresno includes a wide array of medical and surgical diseases.

For details, enrollment and contact information for research studies, please see department listings.

For general information about research at UCSF Fresno, please email:

Eyad Almasri, MD 
Assistant Dean for Research
UCSF Fresno